November 25th 2022, 16:00-22:00

Noc Anglistów Noc Anglistów

Information on how to sign up for live lectures (available on MS Teams/Zoom) will be provided in due course (next to each event). Anyone interested can also contact the event coordinator at the particular University -- contact information is available on the website.

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The Long Anglicist Night is a unique night filled with lectures and presentations prepared by English Faculties and Departments from Universities all over Poland. This one-of-a-kind event, organized for the first time this year, has the ambition to become a cyclical meeting gathering of current and prospective students as well as research and teaching staff from national centers of English studies.

Our mission is:

  • to present the practice and scientific potential of English Studies in Poland
  • to disprove a myth that English studies are only about learning the language
  • to present research results achieved by English-speaking scholars from Poland and abroad in the field of literary studies, linguistics, translation studies and methodology
  • to emphasize interdisciplinary research combining humanities, natural sciences and medicine
  • to share the latest methods and achievements in English language teaching
  • to spark and generate interest in the English Studies among prospective and current students
  • to exchange best practices and ideas among the teachers of English from all over Poland

The events will be held in Polish and/or English. In addition to online lectures available to everyone, local high school students will also be taking part in workshops (on campus or remotely). In the program of the Long Anglicist Night, you will find information about the workshops offered, links to online tools (YouTube and MsTeams or Zoom) and registration details.

AMU Contact: dr Marcin Markowicz (event coordinator) (

Participation in all events offered during the Long Anglicist Night is free of charge. Events marked "YouTube, premiering November 26" are open and no registration is required. Use the following YouTube channel to subscribe:


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Event under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Poznań